Kentucky Hemp Industries Museum and Library

The Kentucky Hemp Industries Museum and Library is a mobile
 collection of hemp artifacts, books, products, letters, research, and 
history of the hemp industry in Kentucky. The archive was started by Museum
 Founders Craig Lee, Dave Spalding and Joe Hickey almost 20 years ago. 
The group traveled the state educating people and making alliances with farmers and businesses.

The Museum is now home to some of the oldest known hemp artifacts in the 
state. One of the items, a hemp brake, was used in the field to break the 
wood away from the strong fibers of the hemp plant. The brake is probably 
over 100 years old and is still is working condition. Other items include 
letters between Kentucky Hemp farmers and the merchants who wanted to buy 
their hemp seed or fibers. These letters date back to around 1916, and are
accompanied by books written around the same time.

The Museum houses hemp history not only from the turn of the century, but
 every day since then. A bank check from a hemp salesman in 1896 shares
space with a hand-written speech given by former Kentucky Governor Louie B.
Nunn. Ernest Wells shares a box with Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson.
 Past and Present history of the hemp industry in Kentucky is archived and 
will continue to be saved for the education of generations to come.

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