About Us

As states begin to re-introduce hemp back into agricultural practices, the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) sought to expand its education and outreach efforts through the establishment of state and campus HIA Chapters that share the same mission and goals. The Kentucky Hemp Industries Association (KYHIA) is the Kentucky state chapter and provides farmers as well as those interested in working with Kentucky hemp with a reliable network of individuals within the hemp industry.

The KYHIA is recognized as a 501(c)(6) membership based non-profit trade group as a state chapter of the HIA. The KYHIA represents the hemp industry while encouraging the research and development of hemp products throughout the bluegrass state. We strive to be the leading educational and advocacy outlet for hemp in Kentucky while promoting Kentucky hemp products and brands.

We are proud to be Kentucky’s leading hemp network as the crop re-emerges from Bluegrass soil. Our members receive access to a number of resources and communications to help connect supporters, farmers and businesses in this developing industry.