Mission & Goals

The mission of the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association (KYHIA) is to represent the interests of the emerging Kentucky hemp industry. As a 501(c)(6) membership-based non-profit trade group, we seek to encourage the research and development of new products made from industrial hemp while offering our members a network of like-minded, trusted individuals within the current hemp industry. The KYHIA and our members are dedicated to:

  • Educating the public about the exceptional attributes of industrial hemp and hemp products.
  • Facilitating exchange of information and technology between hemp agriculturists, processors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  • Maintaining and defending the integrity of hemp products.
  • Advocating and supporting socially responsible and environmentally sound business practices.

We are a trade organization with a conscious. Our members support ethical business practices including, but not limited to; accuracy in labeling, use of environmentally friendly technologies, sustainable and organic agriculture, high quality products and concern for human rights. It is the intention of the KYHIA to take all necessary steps to assure consumer confidence in hemp products. A KYHIA member company believes in our mission and goals while agreeing to the Association’s standards. Display of the HIA Membership insignia in business promotion and advertising is a mark of prestige.

The KYHIA offers an experience you can trust. Founded in 1992, we have continued a reputation of excellence and you can be assured you are in good company. As a voting member, we can assure your voice will be heard. Our members actively engage in the importation, manufacture, research and promotion of industrial hemp and hemp products. They have practical experience handling the day-to-day details of running a business and understand your concerns and needs.


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