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KYHIA-fbiconWe are always looking for hemp passionate KYHIA members and volunteers to help host hemp events across the state. The hemp industry relies heavily on educational events to teach people about hemp and its potential as an industrial crop here in Kentucky. Many people are still under the impression that hemp is the same as its psychoactive cousin, marijuana. Through education and promotional efforts we can rid hemp of its negative stigma and create a strong market demand for American hemp products.

KYHIA Members

The best way our members can get actively involved in our organization is by hosting a KYHIA event. This can include anything from a “Bringing it Home” screening to teaming up with your local university and inviting a few speakers. There are a number of ways to host an event and we are here to assist you! If you’re a member and are looking to know more about hosting an event this year, contact We are happy to share our resources and help you along the way!


Not a member but love Kentucky hemp? First, we’d love to talk about possible membership options for you, but in the meantime we’d still love for you to get involved! As we schedule events we will be posting them in our events section. If you see an event happening close to you and want to get involved feel free to reach out to us! We’d love for you to get a chance to check us out and see what we do. We’ve also listed a number of additional ways you can get involved through our partners.


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