Day 12 of 31 Hemp Products: Fiberboard

hemp fiberboard

HEMP PRODUCT: Fiberboard

SUB MARKETS: Construction, Building Materials, Automotive, Furniture

Day twelve of our 31 Days of Hemp campaign highlights a commonly used building material: hemp fiberboard. Compressed hemp hurds and bast fibers offer a greener, more sustainable alternative to traditional wood chip “medium-density fiberboard” or MDF. Long and short hemp fibers can be used to create a particle board that is lighter, ~2x as strong, and ~3x as elastic as wood MDF. When combined with phenolic resin, the composite material is [even more] fire and water resistant.

More great benefits of hemp fiberboard include:

  • Fungus / mold resistant
  • Insect / pest resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Light weight
  • Thermal barrier
  • Good sound insulator
  • Carbon sink / negative
  • Little / no modification of manufacturing equipment
  • Stronger and more elastic than wood chip fiberboard


  • Hemp Technologies (US/Global)
  • Jianghyin Yanli (China)
  • We had trouble finding more suppliers! Comment below or send a note to with your suggestions.

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