Day 23 of 31 Hemp Products: Transportation

ship sails

HEMP PRODUCT: Transportation

SUB MARKETS: cars, bicycles, skateboards, boats

The products included in our 23rd installment of the 31 Days of Hemp campaign will take you far and wide: hemp transportation. Land and water vessels alike have utilized hemp in various forms but especially for durable canvas, strong ropes, and green bio-plastics. Henry Ford, of automotive Ford fame, wanted to help farmers and incorporated hemp with other plant materials into the body of his early Model-T’s. More recently, new methods of combining hemp cellulose material with water allows for endless possibilities in pretty much any desired shape.

A few parts of transportation vessels made from hemp:

  • Auto panels
  • Auto body
  • Bicycle frame
  • Seat cloth
  • Sail cloth
  • Sail rigging
  • Scooters
  • Skateboards
  • Waterproof caulking


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