Day 24 of 31 Hemp Products: Fuel

hemp biofuel


SUB MARKETS: energy, gasoline, methanol, ethanol, biodiesel

Day 24 of of our 31 Days of Hemp campaign is frustratingly long overdue for many concerned about national security and energy independence: hemp fuel. We’ve already discussed the many uses for the plant’s seed and fiber, but with hardly any part of the plant going to waste, there is even more to love. This is because the organic plant matter (biomass) can be converted into a wide variety of energy sources, primarily through pyrolysis, or the application of high heat with little or no air. Additionally, hemp seed oil can be combined with small amounts of methanol to produce a much cleaner fuel than petroleum-based diesel (at ~1/3 the pollution).

With a short maturation life (~4 months), effective carbon sequestration, and four times (4x) as much biomass/cellulose potential than its closest competitors (i.e. cornstalks, sugarcane, kenaf, trees), hemp proves to be one of the most efficient and abundant sources of organic matter to propel us from point A to point B.

Fuel sources that can be made from hemp:

  • Charcoal
  • Gasoline
  • Ethanol
  • Methanol
  • Methane
  • Bio-diesel


With little supply – due to prohibition – and high startup costs for processing, we couldn’t find any commercial producers. Help us end the nonsense and tell congress to declassify industrial hemp from the Controlled Substance Act. Sign the petition here.

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