Day 9 of 31 Hemp Products: Rugs

hemp rug


SUB MARKETS: Textiles, Carpets, Floor Coverings

The product highlighted in day nine of our 31 Days of Hemp campaign adds a simple, natural design element to any room or exterior: hemp rugs. Durable and long-lasting, hemp fiber floor coverings are great for high traffic or sun-beaten areas. Creamy taupe and coppery tones go with nearly all decors, or threads can by dyed for those seeking a pop of color. With just a few months to mature, hemp offers a more sustainable alternative to chemical and water-intensive fiber crops, such as cotton.

Other great qualities of hemp fiber include:

  • Non-toxic
  • Healthier indoor quality
  • Higher yield than cotton
  • Four months to mature/harvest
  • Soft to touch and on feet
  • Less water-intensive than cotton
  • Few or no chemicals needed to grow
  • Few/no synthetic additives
  • Some UV-ray protection

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