Memorial Service for Dr. David Williams

One year at a KYHIA Christmas party, Dr. Trey Riddle was giving accolades to our friend Dr. David Williams, and he referred to him quite accurately as our very own “National Treasure.” 

Dr. Williams led the Kentucky hemp industry with a calm steady demeanor and ferocious conviction. He embodied our ambitions to help ourselves and our neighbors work together to bring this crop that had been under the potato basket for the last 80 years into the center of the conversation about what the future of Kentucky Agriculture could look like. He knew the challenges of what it would take, and looked at anyone who was willing to do their part, as part of the team. He designed trials to answer questions, shared data he collected, organized researchers to present their findings, encouraged entrepreneurs to keep pushing, and helped legislators and charlatans overcome their misconceptions. He didn’t let a lack of funding, or knowledge, or preconceived notions stand in the way for what he knew to be the right battle, and he tirelessly kept pace to be out front leading the revival of this crop on our nations farms while being the hawk that reminded us to keep asking questions, and seeking scientific evidence to support our answers.

With our deepest gratitude to his wife and family for supporting him as he supported us, we’ll honor his Legend as the National Treasure that built the foundation for what our industry is to become.

July 14th, 2-5pm, at the E.S. Good Barn in Lexington, all are welcome. Join with us as we mourn the loss and celebrate the life of a great leader and friend, Dr. David Williams.

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