Day 27 of 31 Hemp Products: Supercapacitors

hemp supercapacitor

HEMP PRODUCT: Supercapacitors

SUB MARKETS: Electronics, Computers, Capacitors

Although still in the development stages, the 27th product of our 31 Days of Hemp campaign has far-reaching implications: hemp supercapacitors. In general, supercpacitors are energy storing devices that provide bursts of power (think brakes or flashlights), discharging quickly through surfaces of electrodes, often many times faster than conventional batteries. Animal feedstock, and more specifically bast fibers in the hemp stalk, can be processed to form “activated carbon” and is quite inexpensive compared to similar allotropes like graphene (~1/4th the cost). Although the hemp nanocomposite cannot do all the things graphene is capable of, it is equal to (or excedes) graphene’s electrochemcial performance.

Other ways hemp nanosheets are better than what is commercially available:

  • Inexpensive / cheaper to produce
  • Abundant, natural material
  • Grows in a variety of climates
  • 2x power density of supercapcitors
  • 100x pwer densities of Li-ion batteries
  • Crumpled, pourous sheets for faster charge movement

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